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How do I make a submission?

You and your team will only be able to make a submission during the challenge, which runs from Monday June 21st to 17h00 (Irish time) on Sunday June 27th.
During that time the submission pages will be available to you and will contain the following:
1. Team Lead and team members names, affiliated organisations and Linkedin profiles
2. Country of submission
3. Main category of submission
· Inclusion
· Community
· Fans and volunteers
· Policy-based
· Sustainability
· Technology-based
· Youth-based
· Lifestyle physical activity
4. What is the focused challenge you are addressing (max 20 words)
5. Overall idea description (max 200 words)
6. Outline how your submission meets the 3 judging criteria:
· Creativity and innovation (100 words)
· Impact on identified challenge and UN Sustainable Development Goals (100 words)
· Implementation feasibility (100 words)
7. Idea development stage (select one of the following)
· Early testing/brainstorming stage
· Tested and piloted
· Piloted and ready to roll out
· Rolled out and ready to expand
8. Video pitch of no more than 3 minutes
9. Attach any other supporting documentation e.g., results of previous pilots, papers, etc.

If you have any questions, once you have seen the submission form, post them here and we will help you as much as we can.

The Global Design Challenge Team


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